Samga Chicken(3가 닭곰탕) has joined the Yuk Dae Jang USA restaurant group in March, 2021.


In 1984, “3가 닭곰탕” [Sam-Ga-Dak-Gom-Tang] a.k.a. Samga (= 3rd street in Korean) Chicken was founded on current 3rd Street location with only one thing in mind.  To provide menus with the freshest chicken.  Since then, we receive daily delivery of fresh, never been frozen chicken from a local slaughterhouse.  Ms. YunJung Park is the 3rd generation chef that continues the legacy of the original recipe with improvements in ingredients to raise the taste bar up a notch.  Chef Park’s first priority has always been the taste and quality of her food. She handpicks the fresh chicken daily at the slaughterhouse and all herbs and vegetables are carefully inspected and prepared to guarantee the freshness.  This process has been our routine for last 37 years at the same location, at the same kitchen.

Samga Chicken has joined the Yuk Dae Jang USA restaurant group in March, 2021 so more people can recognize and enjoy Samga Chicken’s menu in Los Angeles.  We are very excited about our facelift with new logo and interior to better represent the traditional Korean food to our community.  Hope to see everyone soon!

samga chicken signature dishes

Signature Dishes

Our signature dishes are BaekSook, which is whole chicken pressure-cooked for 1 hour with various herbs and DoriTang, which is whole chicken cut in 10 pcs and pressure-cooked for 30 mins with house special spicy sauce.  Our daily signature is SamGaeTang, which is small size hen pressure-cooked with ginseng, and DakGomTang, which is boneless chicken meat in hearty and flavorful broth.

samga chicken logo


Monday – Sunday
11am – 8pm


(213) 386-1135


4254 1/2 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020